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TortoiseSVN - Descarga TortoiseSVN, versión (32 bits)

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Based on the Apache Subversion, TortoiseSVN is a highly practical and easy to use software for Windows for Revision Control and Version Control. The software comes completely free of charge, having been developed under the GPL. Unlike other freemium software, that charge for public and commercial use of their software, Tortoise SVN is free to use as a commercial tool as well. The source code is freely available for you to manipulate and even develop a version of your own if you have the know-how.
You can use Tortoise VSN with any development tool, especially since it is not an integration for IDE (Integrated Development Environment), like Eclipse and the Visual Studio. It is an easy to use software with most commands available through Windows Explorer. All the commands you see on a specific screen are usable since the software does not show commands that are not usable for specific purposes. You can use the Windows Explorer to view the status of your files directly without having to go into the settings. Tortoise VSN also supports most Subversion protocols like:
• http://
• https://
• svn://
• file://
• svn+ss:// and,
• svn+XXX://
There are few helpful tools like the TortoiseMerge that can display the changes you make to your files and help resolve any conflicts. The TortoiseIDiff allows you to view changes you make to any image files.
The software is available in many languages, so it doesn’t matter if you are not a native speaker. You can easily download the software in your own language!


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